What is your bias towards the BTS

Who is your last bias in BTS?

Yes I recognise who BTS is. I stan them the toughest than any other group. I love BTS, despite the fact that I just determined out about them approximately five months in the past, but due to the fact then I watch all the Vlives, watch youtube movies, and have cherished them unconditionally.

Who’s my bias you ask? The one and handiest Taehyung. Why? I relate to him the maximum, he is the sweetest person on the planet, and hes remarkable bizarre and I love that. He is so high-quality and humorous and just a goofy and stupid man or woman. He has the exceptional character out their, its out of this global and I assume its so appealing. I also assume he is so freakin good-looking, like I see snap shots of him and I simply drool, like gimme that holy water please. He has an AMAZING voice, I think its one of the best in the kpop industry, additionally his everyday voice whilst he speaks English is like so deep lol. I love it. Hes additionally in order that cute! He loves kids and when he performs with Yeontan, ahhh my coronary heart, The first day I changed into added to them, I immedietly become interested in Tae, and I idea forsure it'd alternate as I got to recognise every participants, but Tae simply became the total package deal:) he will constantly be my remaining bias, did i point out he has the most cutest boxy smile inside the global??

Well, to reply that query, I'm gonna write an entire essay approximately it, so cope with it. Warning: grammatic mistakes in advance

First of, I became really reluctant of paying attention to K-Pop, language barrier my ###( I listened too many European bands to care approximately that). The reason: I changed into scared of the fandom community n how toxic they could get, n the reality that it turned into type of disturbing seeing ARMYS commenting on quite a few films. (Especially western tune motion pictures just like the f?).

I failed to get the hype( I turned into stupid, adequate?) of them(or of K-pop in any respect BC I without a doubt didn't knew or watch a photo of them), but my friend convinced me of listen at least some songs. I concentrate DNA on Spotify, n I failed to adore it( I find it irresistible a little bit extra after seeing the video, but is via far not the great track of them), I like idol better despite the fact that the beat changed into not that authentic or surprising( I didn't watch the video of it, stupid antique Aleeee)

But then it came about, I were given advocated on YT that video of BTS being extra af in America(that video is iconic, fight me) and then he seemed.

I swear I actually have in no way been so mesmerized by using a man, however dawn, I went on complete dumb mode after watching that video(like I became shocked that someone like him may want to exist). My final mind cell turned into collapsing n seeking to explain myself how the heck he turned into so attractive, good-looking, cute, humorous, lovely, brilliant, warm, pleasant, horny, lovable, worrying, talented, daddy, cocky, boyfriend/husband fabric. His voice became like honey for my ears(i will preserve all day, however u do not want a full thesis of this, or perhaps sure let me know ).

I deny it at the beginning, (Everybody say NO) I AM NOT ENTERING IN THE K-POP HOLE, NO, NO, NO [better representation: No god please no by Michael from the Office]

Three days handed, JUST THREE DAYS for god's sake n curiosity got the exceptional of me.

I watch the MV of idol on YT<Biggest Mistake/Blessing that I have ever encountered> Clearly, I die after that. Lol. N then Blood, Sweat n Tears n literally choke on my Hobi water at the start by means of his EVERYTHING.

At this point is pretty obvious who's him


AMERICA NEXT TOP MODEL IS(at this point I got carried away too much, sorry)


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