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What do you expect from BTS In the Soop 2?

1. The show will probably have different objective.

BTS In The Soop 1, as especially–taehyung repeatedly mentioned in the show, was to give comfort and ‘healing’ to ARMY and viewers. They were also highlighting some pair/unit friendship and interaction of the members. Also the unprompted cooking-show are the best part for me lol.

I have no doubt BTS will give us as much fun and entertainment as they usually do. Though I am expecting different topics/theme being the spotlight in Season 2. Maybe career focused? self reflection? or future plans and hope?

These are only my assumptions because we know BTS always try their best to bring fresh ideas into their works. And during only one year, I think everyone can see how much BTS and ARMY has grown and evolved. I'm so looking forward to what the boys will share with us.

All we know officially so far is that In the Soop 2 will premiere in October. In the Soop Season 2 we can watch the episodes via purchase on the Weverse shop.

Did BTS already film “BTS In The SOOP” season 2?

Probably, yes. Everything we see they release it’s already filmed like 2–4 months earlier.

What do you expect from BTS In the Soop 2?

Well I don't know why I'm so fu*king excited while writing this answer..

This is gonna be long answer but worth reading so keep going 

Hahaha can't blame myself because “in the soop" memories is so precious and Soothing that I just can't wait for “In the soop season 2

I had seen BTS SOOP season 2. With out paying money.

How Much is BTS In the Soop Season 2?

BTS In the Soop Season 1 is currently available for $27.99 for the entire season. Presumably, Season 2 will be around the same price. In order to buy In the Soop, you need to download and set up an account on the Weverse Shop app, which is the official store for BTS merch.

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